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My LinkedIn Profile Done For You Package is the perfect solution if you are a busy entrepreneur or business owner who doesn’t have the time to focus on this.

Creating & writing a well optimized LinkedIn profile takes about 8 - 10 hours — an amount of time that most busy entrepreneurs do not have to allocate.

If you’d like to just do what you do best, and hire me to do what I do best, then get the ‘Done for you’ offer.  

You give me access to your LinkedIn Profile, CV and provide all the visuals and branding I need to make you shine on LinkedIn & turn your profile into an Client Magnet.

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You feel that your LinkedIn Profile is not an accurate reflection of your expertise & credibility 
  • You have heard of keywords, but don’t know where to place them in order to show up in search results 
  • Your profile reads like a resume, but you run a business, you’re not looking for a job! 
  • You feel insecure about the content & tone of your profile 
  • You are busy and prefer to focus on what you do best – & hire me for what I do best!

My LinkedIn Profile Done FOR You:

When you invest in this package I will write a compelling LinkedIn Profile for you, optimize it using advanced LinkedIn SEO so you show up in search results, get the credibility you deserve & start attracting more opportunities and clients.

My 7-Step Process:

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Here's how we work together:

  1. First we get to know each other in a initial conversation. You tell me about your situation and why you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn Profile.  
  2. Then I’ll ask you to fill out my intake form, a few questions that help me understand your accomplishments, target audience and what kind of tone you’d like to use in your profile. 
  3. Then it’s time for me to get to work and write the 1st draft of the content of your entire profile (see below what that includes) for you, in a word document. 
  4. We get on the phone again (or Zoom) and discuss any changes
  5. I send you the final version to review
  6. Now you need to give me temporary access to your LinkedIn Profile. I upload the content, add the keyword optimized text in the appropriate sections and make sure all your settings (privacy etc) are correct. I will also customize your header and add selected media files (pdfs, videos, images) to reflect your personal brand. 
  7. We connect again for a 45-min 1-on-1 session, wrap-up & celebrate your new LinkedIn Profile!

Content of your new shiny LinkedIn Profile:

  1. A compelling Headline that makes you stand out from the masses let’s your ideal client know how you can help them. 
  2. A client-focused summary that tells your story, explains what it is you do, who you work with & what kind of services you offer 
  3. Updated current & past work experiences (up to 5 positions). These are equally important for your profile, especially the current position. 
  4. Updated Skills section (25 skills) so you get found for the most important skills 
  5. Any additional sections if applicable such as publications, projects, honors & awards, education, rich media files (pdf, images, videos etc) 
  6. A custom made LinkedIn Banner to represent your personal brand 
  7. Two to three keywords on which I will focus throughout the whole content of your profile, in a natural organic style.

The investment for this package is $2000 (or CHF 2000)

Or contact me first if you have questions

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Jacques Longbottom

I decided to update my profile in a more attractive and professional manner. Over years of networking, I came across a few positive comments regarding Sarah. I heard that she was the most specialized person regarding LinkedIn in the Vaud canton. So I decided to call on her services. She did a great job in a very, very efficient way! Always available for discussion and clear explanations. A very pleasant person who understands your needs. Go for it. Make yourself stand out from the rest of them! 

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Claudia Crawley

As an established executive coach and career coach, attracting customers is an on-going consideration. So getting my LinkedIn profile right is critical. Sarah has been a godsend. Knowledgeable and very supportive, she has enabled me to improve the quality of my profile so that it says exactly what I offer and to whom, giving a clear and concise message.