10 Gentle Ways to
Strengthen Your Confidence

This is a 10-part FREE video mini-course to help you gently strengthen your confidence

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Here's what's included

10-part video course

10 short videos (1 - 5 minutes each) with confidence tips based on my 12 years business experience 

Worksheet for reflection

You also get a worksheet with reflection questions to go deeper


Gentle Support

You aren't alone. Other Gentle Marketers & myself will be there with you to answer any questions you might have and give you support along the way.

Here's what's different

We're doing this the GENTLE way:

  1. I'm not going to push you outside your comfort zone

  2. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, I'm invitig you to learn more about yourself and find out your unique superpowers. 

  3. Entrepreneurship is a constant dance between the being and the doing. It's the same with confidence. Some of the tips are based on being, some on doing

  4. I'll give you just the right balance of gentle encouragement and powerful nudge to show up, be heard & seen ;-)

How will it make you feel? 

My hope is that after going through this mini-course you'll feel: 

  • encouraged to be yourself
  • empowered to continue working on your competence
  • understanding that confidence can be learned, step by step
  • Enough! Because you ARE enough!


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