Feeling "LinkedIn Shame" because your posts don't get hundreds of comments like those of the LinkedIn content creators you follow?

Or maybe you're not even posting, because frankly you just don't know what works on this weird platform that's supposedly professional...


Then this recorded workshop

may resonate with you 


Imagine what would happen— if you had the serenity
clarity and knew how to connect with your LinkedIn connections authentically?


 Doing LinkedIn Like We're Human helps you

  • get clients without worrying about the algorithm,  reach of your content, the number of likes etc. 

  • get unstuck from the LinkedIn shame and actually take actions that feel aligned

  • focus on the human side of LinkedIn (coming from the heart) instead of the numbers side (coming from the ego)

Here's what we cover in this
75-minute workshop:

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  • What makes a good  LinkedIn Profile and why it matters

  • 8 strategies to get something out of LinkedIn (opportunities, clients, referrals, new friends...)

  • What works in terms of content and visibility?  

What People Say

So many free or low cost workshops are full of fluff and self-promotion, so when you come across one that delivers value beyond expectation, you want to shout about it!
The LinkedIn like we're Human workshop was info-packed and inspirational and was the push I needed to get more intentional with LinkedIn.
I learnt a huge amount that I could apply straightaway, but more importantly the tips and strategies align with how I want to grow my business, with thoughtful and conscious connections. Thank you Sarah & Jen!

- Rachael Cumberland-Dodd


I am eager to continue participating in such workshops in the near future.
It is absolutely worth the price!
Please keep me updated when you launch new initiatives. 

- Denis Poncelet


I enjoyed the training today, thankyou! Really helpful to hear someone who speaks to my way of being and thinking.

– Anne-Marie Gallagher


I attended your LinkedIn session with Jen today and found it very helpful and generous.

– Mary Vila


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Here's what you can expect

Good content, real humans and great ideas from us and the collective!

Here's what you can expect from signing up to this workshop:

  1. We'll start with an introduction to Humane Marketing and Selling 

  2. We'll talk about what makes a good LinkedIn Profile and why it matters.

  3. Jen and I will go over what works in terms of content and visibility

  4. Then we'll share 8 ideas on how to get something from LinkedIn (opportunities, clients, referrals, new friends...)
    and we'll ask you and all participants to share more. 

  5. If what you hear resonates, I will share an opportunity to join us in the Humane Marketing Circle. No long pitch, just an invite. Jen will invite you to her LinkedIn Thrive Academy.

  6. And at the end I built in some extra time to connect, answer your questions and just be in community. 

  7. That's it! No, you won't receive 7 follow-up 'cart closing' emails! 
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Yes, I want to watch the recording of this workshop for $27
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Special guest Jen Corcoran is known as the Super Connector and helps introverted, empathic and highly sensitive female coaches, consultants and solopreneurs attract more and better clients on LinkedIn organically. She takes them on a journey from being invisible and hiding on LinkedIn to helping them confidently toot their horn resulting in their ideal clients knocking on their door with the help of her 4-stage PACT Framework. 

Through her, they can create a LinkedIn profile which truly represents them and a holistic approach to networking which aligns with their human design.  They will be left feeling reinvigorated, confident and raring to go and excited to tap into all the opportunities this amazing platform offers them.

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Sarah Santacroce is the Founder of the Humane Business Revolution. She's also an internationally recognized LinkedIn Consultant, entrepreneur, podcaster, ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’ and author of 'Marketing Like We're Human' and upcoming 'Selling Like We're Human' books.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy. She has been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 - 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and is trained in the 'Art of Holding Space' as well as 'The Art of Participatory Leadership'. 

Her approach is grounded in these pragmatic experiences, based on research and best practice. Bundled with her extensive inner work, knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, and alternative ways of healing, this creates a unique perspective on business that is holistic, humane, and gentle. 

In recent years, Sarah’s upbringing and life’s experiences inspired a yearning to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world, live a more meaningful life and take care of our mother earth and each other.

She lives in beautiful Switzerland where she was born and raised but considers herself an alternative thinking citizen of this world. When she’s not working she loves adventure and traveling (ask her about her alter ego in Sicily), yoga and nature walks or hanging out with her 3 boys (a husband and two teenage sons).

More positive feedback 

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Yes, I want to access the recording for $27