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Recruiters, Headhunters, clients, your peers, committee members, investors, Investment Managers, Venture Capitalists ... everyone looks you up on LinkedIn.  

Not only do you need to have a presence there, but you need an optimized profile that represents your credibility, achievements & influence.

Creating and writing a well optimized LinkedIn profile does not only take a lot of time - it also takes in-depth knowledge of the platform (and its algorithm) as well as Personal Branding expertise

These are areas of skill that you may not have as a busy and successful executive and yet what you need in order to get a compelling LinkedIn Profile.

If you’d like to just do what you do best, and hire me to do what I do best, then get the ‘Done for you’ VIP offer.  

You give me access to your LinkedIn Profile, CV and provide all other materials that highlight your authority. 

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You feel that your LinkedIn Profile is not an accurate reflection of your expertise & credibility 
  • You feel that you're underselling yourself on your profile and would feel more comfortable if someone else wrote the content 
  • You are aware that people visit your profile and you want to make a good first impression
  • You are busy and prefer to focus on what you do best – & hire me for what I do best! 

My LinkedIn Profile Done FOR You:

When you invest in this package I will:

  • write & create a compelling LinkedIn Profile for you
  • apply advanced LinkedIn search engine optimization techniques so you show up in search results
  • get you the recognition you deserve & so that you'll start to attract more opportunities
  • collect up to 3 recommendations from key contacts on your behalf
  • accommodate your busy schedule & be available for you outside of office hours
  • be at your assistance for 30 days after delivery should you require any changes

My 7-Step Process:

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Here's how we work together:

  1. First we get to know each other in a initial conversation. You tell me about your situation and why you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn Profile.  
  2. Then I’ll ask you to fill out my intake form, a few questions that help me understand your accomplishments, target audience and what kind of tone you’d like to use in your profile. You'll also send me a recent CV (resume).
  3. Then it’s time for me to get to work and write the 1st draft of the content of your entire profile (see below what that includes) for you, in a word document. 
  4. We get on the phone again (or Zoom) and discuss any changes
  5. I send you the final version to review
  6. Now you need to give me temporary access to your LinkedIn Profile. I upload the content, add the keyword optimized text in the appropriate sections and make sure all your settings (privacy etc) are correct. I will also customize your header and add selected media files (pdfs, videos, images) to reflect your personal brand. 
  7. We connect again for a 45-min 1-on-1 session, wrap-up & celebrate your new LinkedIn Profile!

Content of your new shiny LinkedIn Profile:

  1. A compelling Headline that makes you stand out & immediately shows your authority
  2. A client- or recruiter-focused summary that tells your story, shows your achievements & caliber
  3. Updated current & past work experiences (up to 5 positions). These are equally important for your profile, especially the current position. 
  4. Updated Skills section (25 skills) 
  5. Any additional sections if applicable such as publications, projects, honors & awards, education, professional clubs, voluntary work, rich media files (pdf, images, videos etc) 
  6. A custom made LinkedIn Banner to represent your personal brand 
  7. Two to three keywords on which I will focus throughout the whole content of your profile, in a natural organic style
  8. Up to 3 recommendations from key contacts 
  9. Recommendations regarding your profile picture (photo shooting can be organized on demand)

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As Director of MBA Career Services at IMD Business School I asked Sarah to give a workshop to our 2018 MBA class on LinkedIn Profile Optimization. I have been following her work on LinkedIn for quite a long time and see her as the go-to person for Personal Branding on LinkedIn. She did not disappoint us. Her knowledge of this platform and captivating teaching style kept her audience interactive & engaged throughout the presentation. I look forward to working with Sarah again and highly recommend her. Julia De Vargas Marquez, IMD Career Services Director

I contacted Sarah following a conversation with one of my HR Management teachers (who had just gone independent and improved her LinkedIn Profile with Sarah’s help). In a search for my next professional challenge, I wanted to make my own LinkedIn profile more visible and useful for job hunting. She hit the “nail on its head” and helped me bring real added-value to my profile. And success levels were visible within less than 10 days after our first session. Not only did I receive my first contact request from a Talent Agent in less than a week, but my network (both virtual and real-life) has been quite impressed and made regular compliments on the improvements. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah. Alison Mary Thompson

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sarah by a mutual friend of ours who spoke very highly of the service Sarah provides. I was not disappointed, on the contrary, my experience with Sarah exceeded expectations as she was very thorough, focused on delivery, highly efficient and made a ‘real’ difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone needing such a consummate professional to deliver real tangible value. Andrew Marshall