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Need help finding YOUR Marketing Superpower?

If you've read the 'Marketing Like We're Human' book you know that I love to start with the 'no'. In other words, I love helping my clients get from overwhelm to serenity and ease, focusing only on the marketing activities that they find joyful AND therefore will get the best results for them. 

Investing this one hour with me can save you hundreds of wasted hours on draining marketing activities, and instead really find those things that make marketing fun for you and your ideal clients. 


  • a consistent flow of clients you love and who love you
  • the freedom to say no marketing activities, clients and projects that drain you
  • more sales but skipping the sales conversations ;-)
  • showing up, making a difference & being happy!
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Book your time with Sarah now for $250

There are a few things I’m good at:

  • My ability to focus on the essentials & come up with the strategy for you to achieve your goals
  • My innate desire to simplify, start with the no and only focus on what is joyful for you
  • My love for systems, automation and processes (left-brain saying hi!)
  • My experience (based on many failures) of getting clients online & what it takes to grow your business
  • My skill to quickly put myself into your client’s shoes & create an offer that he/she can’t resist
  • My empathy, passion & encouragement to use your uniqueness to grow your business

I’ve built a very profitable LinkedIn Coaching business with 2 different online products and live group & individual coachings.  

My clients like to work with me because I’m structured, focused, result-oriented as well as empathic and kind. They use the word ‘authentic’ even if all I’m doing is being myself .

I’m known for my simple, no-nonsense Swiss efficiency, mixed with a good dose of Californian ‘yes we can’ attitude! (we lived in California from 2006 - 2010)  

Besides that, I'm a 'Hippie turned Business Coach' Read my About Page to know the full story 


How we'll find your Marketing Super Power

We'll use data and intuition, left and right brain: 

  • You'll provide me with the information on your personality, by taking the personality assessments I describe in the 'Marketing Like We're Human' book
  • We then discuss your ideal client, the different places to connect with them and what feels good to you: your Marketing Super Power is at the intersection of these three things
  • From there we define what content you'll be excited to create and which platform to focus on (and which ones to ditch)


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Working with me, previous clients had results such as...

  • Redefined their brand with a focus on their unique superpowers & personality
  • Streamlined their path (funnel) and increased conversions 
  • Found ways to increase their effectiveness by automating many tasks and outsourcing others 
  • Learned to say no to projects and figured out that this actually frees up time for other, more lucrative mandates. 

"The Marketing Superpower session with Sarah has been a very insightful time for me as I was reflecting on what felt good or not in my marketing. It also gave me permission to try new directions and approaches in my marketing that I was contemplating but didn't dare to implement for fear of doing something that is not necessarily mainstream. Thank you Sarah for this great moment of clarity and feeling of freedom!"

- Nathalie Gricourt, Coach



“I booked The Marketing Superpower Session with Sarah to get more clarity on the key message and direction of my marketing in order to help me grow my business.

Sarah is simply amazing - she combines a razor-sharp analytical approach with a rare sensitivity that allows her to "dive deep" and almost intuitively pinpoint misalignments and shine a light on new opportunities. The session was jam-packed with brilliant impulses and ideas, and I now have several concrete action points to get on with.“

- Dina Wells, Webdesigner


The Marketing Superpower session with Sarah opened my eyes to where I can have the biggest impact in terms of my marketing energy. As a Personality Type Consultant, I love that she uses various personality systems to help build a foundation of who her clients are and to figure out how they can best direct their energy.

Sarah uses this personality information, along with in-depth questions, to uncover the types of activities that fill you up. She then translates this knowledge into marketing activities that you not only enjoy, but that also build your business and serve your clients. The consideration of who you are can be overlooked when identifying your ideal client, but this process assures that you'll land on your gentle marketing approach.

- Leslie McDaniel, Coach + Personality Type Consultant


Wow – The Marketing Superpower Session is much more than one session. It’s a multi-step process that starts already when you sign up for it. With the Find Your Gentle Marketing Super Power Workbook Sarah took me first on a very valuable journey of introspection. The Workbook structure and questions dig deep (if you are ready for it), help find the blind spots and uncover unused but also wasted potential. This process also helped me tremendously in valuing all the things I have been doing so far. It fueled my confidence and highlighted strengths while at the same time making the pain points visible to me. I am very thankful for that!

During our session, I gained a lot of CLARITY with a big bundle of different topics – positioning, website structure, pricing mindset, ideal clients, personal boundaries, workflow, communication strategy – in just one hour! Sarah’s hands-on expertise and clear opinions are priceless. She first listens very carefully, brings in the structure when things are getting multilayered, asks THE important questions, and shares her expertise and opinion in a clear, precise and very respectful way. But what really makes the difference for me is that she gets me and that she is aligned with my values. All these elements together make for a very powerful combination. Thank you, Sarah!

- Eva-Maria Hartwich, Coach, Trainer, Consultant and New Work Enthusiast


The session with Sarah to find my Marketing Superpower was so much more than just a one-off 1:1 session. Sarah emails you a booklet which leads you through a thought process and builds awareness. Even if you’ve considered some of these questions before, it’s still really helpful to gather your thoughts around your marketing and what may or may not be working for you. Sarah also points you to some useful questionnaires to help you gain more insight into yourself, if you need that.

Sarah takes the time to read through this pretty hefty document (it’s about 15 pages), where you’ve documented your responses and reflections, so she can gain more insight into you as a person, understand your work and your perspective and then tailor your Finding Your Marketing Superpower session accordingly.

And that’s what I like most about Sarah’s approach – it’s very personalised. Not one proven standard formula that you must follow, not one route to success, but really helping you to find what could really work for you, as an individual, with your personality, your ways of working, for your offering and not least, for your audience. Finding what you feel comfortable doing is so key to success, as it enables you to feel motivated and do it with greater ease, which makes it sustainable.

In my experience, time with Sarah is time (and money) well spent. She provides you with a framework for your personal exploration and reflection, takes the time to read your reflections and works with you in the 1:1 session to identify what will work best for you. She’s honest and straight-talking, not frightened to call things out, which I like, whilst at the same time being caring and supportive. I can highly recommend working with Sarah.

- Cathy Evans, Executive, Career and Personal Development Coach


I’ve known Sarah since 2018 when a friend encouraged me to take her course on LinkedIn since I was starting a career and work/life coaching business.  The world of marketing was, to be honest, something of a mystery to me and one I was avoiding.  I was thrilled to discover that Sarah’s approach and expertise was so different and so much more accessible than traditional marketing approaches.  

From this first course, I have had the great joy and opportunity to participate in programs and conversations with Sarah as she has evolved and transformed her work and purpose to her current innovation – the Gentle Business Revolution. 

Recently, I had the great opportunity to have a session with Sarah as part of her Gentle Marketing Super Power program offering. In preparation for our conversation, Sarah provided the Find Your Gentle Marketing Super Power Workbook.  This was filled with questions to generate a journey of introspection.  Right up front she talks about helping us attract clients that “light up our heart” and doing marketing “from within and “…. aligned with your values.”   WOW!   The idea that I could market from who I am and that it could be fun was amazing to me.  In the workbook and in our conversation, Sarah helped me gain so much clarity on my purpose and passion. We generated ideas and thoughts that I could implement that would move me forward, more successfully connect with potential clients and – really important to me – be able to make a difference in helping clients move forward in their lives.  Sarah has tremendous insight and the ability to work with all kinds of people across the globe!  She has this unique and amazing capability to help us find the “super power” within us and embrace marketing in a much more human way. 

- Janice Heller, Career and Work/Life Coach



This is a one-time 60-minute Zoom call. I give you the recording rights and you can record it on your end. 

Do your homework...

This offer is only available to readers of the Gentle Marketing Revolution book. I expect you to have read it. Once you book a call with me, you'll be redirected to an intake form with some questions. Please take the time to answer them.

In a separate email you will also receive a 16-Page workbook to prepare for our time together. Please reserve at least 1 hour to reflect on these topics before our call and then send me your notes. It will help me prepare for the call and it helps you get the most out of our time together.

I can't wait!


P.S. It's best to send me the prep work at least 24-hours before our call so I have time to read it. 

P.S. This is a one-off call and the focus is entirely on you. There won't be any upsell pitch from my side :-) If you crave for more after our time's up, please ask me about my availability for coaching and we'll schedule a separate call to discuss.