Are you tired of creating content and spending hours 'engaging' on Social Media - only to hear crickets?

Is a tiny voice telling you, that maybe, just maybe, there has to be another way to grow your business?


Then this LIVE & FREE workshop

on June 30th 2022

may resonate with you 


Imagine what would happen— if instead of creating all this content, all these to-do lists, all these videos,
you'd actually have the time, clarity and space to connect with your clients authentically?


 Growing Your Business WITHOUT Social Media helps you

  • get clients without spending hours on content creation and distribution

  • allows you to quit the hustle and instead build a sustainable long-term business

  • get unstuck from the Social Media shame and actually take marketing actions that feel aligned

Here's what we cover in this
75-minute workshop:

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  • How you figure out your unique Marketing Super Power 

  • 8 ideas to grow your business WITHOUT Social Media 

  • How to create a 1-Pager to get booked on podcasts, summits, conferences   

  • Discuss which of the 8 strategies you will use for the Signposts of your Gentle Sales Path 

What People Say

No social media - that would be amazing! Thanks for breaking through what we think are "have tos" and have us think about what works for us in connecting.

– Janice Heller, Career Counselor 



Even though I am a small solopreneur, I really want to make sure that I act ethically and in a way that do not put undue pressure on our natural systems. For both these reasons, using any of the big social media platforms just never felt right for me. Now I have so many other options to ponder and chose from, and that feels very inspiring!

– Karin Westerberg

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The Schedule of the Live Zoom Call

The live Zoom call takes place on: 

on Thursday, June 30th, 9.00 - 10.15 am ET, 2pm - 3.15pm GMT, 3pm - 4.15 pm CET (check time in your time zone

I'm NOT sending out a replay, so hopefully you can attend LIVE.

Yes, I want to be part of the generation of marketers that cares!

Here's what you can expect

Good content, real humans and two free tools 

Here's what you can expect from signing up to this workshop:

  1. I'll start with an introduction to Humane Marketing and Selling 

  2. We'll pause to 'see' our fellow Humans on the call and acknowledge each other. I know having the video on all day can be exhausting, but if you can turn it on even just for this moment, that would be amazing. 

  3. Then I'll share a simple and yet amazing free tool you can use to find your way back to creatively and joyfully marketing your business in a way that's aligned with your values. 

  4. We'll talk about your Marketing Super Power and how you find it.

  5. I'll share 8 ideas on how you can grow your business without Social Media and you can share more. 

  6. We'll end with an exchange in breakout rooms, which of the 8 ideas you'll use in your Gentle Sales Path.

  7. If what you hear resonates, I'll invite you to read one of my books Marketing Like We're Human or Selling Like We're Human or join us for the Marketing Like We're Human Program.

  8. And at the end I built in some extra time to connect, answer your questions and just be in community. 

  9. That's it! No, you won't receive 7 follow-up 'cart closing' emails! 
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Sarah Santacroce is the Founder of the Humane Business Revolution. She's also an internationally recognized LinkedIn Consultant, entrepreneur, podcaster, ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’ and author of 'Marketing Like We're Human' and upcoming 'Selling Like We're Human' books.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy. She has been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 - 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and is trained in the 'Art of Holding Space' as well as 'The Art of Participatory Leadership'. 

Her approach is grounded in these pragmatic experiences, based on research and best practice. Bundled with her extensive inner work, knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, and alternative ways of healing, this creates a unique perspective on business that is holistic, humane, and gentle. 

In recent years, Sarah’s upbringing and life’s experiences inspired a yearning to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world, live a more meaningful life and take care of our mother earth and each other.

She lives in beautiful Switzerland where she was born and raised but considers herself an alternative thinking citizen of this world. When she’s not working she loves adventure and traveling (ask her about her alter ego in Sicily), yoga and nature walks or hanging out with her 3 boys (a husband and two teenage sons).

The live Zoom call takes place on: 

on Thursday, June 30th, 9.00 - 10.15 am ET, 2pm - 3.15pm GMT, 3pm - 4.15 pm CET (check time in your time zone

I'm NOT sending out a replay, so hopefully you can attend LIVE.

Yes, I want to be part of the generation of marketers that cares!