The Gentle Business Revolution





  • ... Being Authentically You: You show up as your true self in your marketing, not some prescribed version of who you should be in order to get customers. No more masks

  • … Doing the right thing: Your integrity is everything. And your clients love you for that and seek you out because they trust you to always tell them the truth.

  • … Doing Good AND Getting Paid: Your clients resonate with you and tell you "It's YOU I want to work with!"
  • … Contributing to making this world a better place: You’re growing a business that financially supports you, helps others, and makes an impact in this world.

That's our common goal in the Gentle Business Circle

The Circle is an intimate and global community of Humane Marketers.

It's a calm space to hang out with like minded conscious entrepreneurs and help each other build our business and grow our impact. 

By exchanging knowledge, skills and experiences we develop: 

  • Our individual and collective competence
  • Cooperation and trust
  • Our professional identity

Here's what matters to us Humane Marketers:

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We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially

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We embrace gentleness throughout our business

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We align who we are with what we do

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We aim to bring back the human connection to marketing

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We approach marketing from a place of abundance

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We are gentle visioneers, part visionaries, part pioneers.

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We make the world a better place 

Circle members are Humane Marketers from all kinds of different backgrounds:

Members of the Circle come from a broad background of business types, sizes and growth stages. 

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Business Coaches & Consultants

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Branding Specialists

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Virtual Assistants

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Life & Health Coaches

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Financial Consultants

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Leadership Coaches

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Marketing Professionals

There is no discrimination depending on revenue in the Circle. No need to be in the 6 or 7-Figure club. If that's where you're at: great! We'd love to have you!! But know that in the circle we don't typically measure success by the number of zeros in your revenue :-)

The Circle is a place for people who believe they can learn from each other to improve and consolidate their practice.


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“A circle is a way of doing things differently than we have become accustomed to. The Circle is a return to our original form of community as well as a leap forward to create a new form of
community. It's an ancient process of consultation and communion that, for tens of thousands of years, had held the human community together and shaped its course.”

- Christina Baldwin, Calling the Circle

What will I learn?

The Gentle Business Circle is based on the principle of 'a leader in each chair'.

Rather than ‘teaching’, Sarah will be sharing her know-how, point of view, tools, ideas etc. based on 12 years of running an Online Business.

And, the idea is also to bring in the know-how of all the members since everyone in the Circle has a unique expertise that can be tapped into.

We create something new and different: a modern leadership model that’s focused on the inclusion of everyone’s unique life & business experience.

You will: 

  • Find new ways to think, feel and act in your business
  • Consolidate your professional identity by comparing your approach to those of others
  • Call forward the best of who you are 
  • Learn how to help and to be helped 
  • Listen attentively and speak with intention
  • Appreciate the level of vulnerability in the group
  • Get feedback from the collective intelligence, not just one guru.


Yes! That sounds like my kind of group!

How will I feel when I join
the Gentle Business Circle?

I'm glad you're asking...

When you join the Circle you'll feel

  • supported in your mission to share your gifts with the world, but without the hustle
  • inspired and uplifted by the conversations, by the focus on the positive, by the fact that you're not alone, by the joy & ease
  • empowered to market your business with authenticity
  • heard & seen as you get the chance to share your own experiences, in plenum or in break-out rooms
  • excited about the possibility to increase your impact and make a difference
  • nourished by the kindness and empathy of everyone else in the group
  • part of a truly global community who wants to be the change they want to see in the world


Besides very pragmatic business information we also hold space for the Human Connection, the doing & the being ! 


Yes, I'd like to be part of this Collective!

What's included in the  
Gentle Business Circle membership?

When you join the Circle you get 

  • one live monthly Circle Q&A call* with Sarah & fellow Humane Marketers
  • if you can't make it live, you can submit your questions in advance
  • replay will also be posted in a private platform, including links to resources mentioned on the call
  • monthly(ish) Circle-newsletter 
  • I'm working on creating a simple community platform to exchange in between the calls
  • NEW! -30% on all Sarah's online courses **


* The calls take place once per month, every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 11 am EST

** I trust you enough that I know you won't just join for a month to get the discount and then leave again ;-)

Yes! I want to join the Circle!

Sarah has years of experience working with diverse groups of different sizes. She has completed a 26-week long 'Holding Space' practitioner program held by the Centre for Holding Space. 

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