The Gentle Business Revolution




The Gentle Business Circle

The Circle is an intimate and global community of Gentle Marketers.

It's a safe zone to hang out with like minded conscious entrepreneurs and help each other build our business and grow our impact. 

Here's what matters to us Gentle Marketers:

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We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially

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We embrace gentleness throughout our business

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We align who we are with what we do

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We aim to bring back the human connection to marketing

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We approach marketing from a place of abundance

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We are gentle visioneers, part visionaries, part pioneers.

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We make the world a better place

What do I get by joining the 
Gentle Business Circle?

When you join the Circle you get 

  • one live monthly Circle Q&A call* with Sarah & fellow Gentle Marketers
  • if you can't make it live, you can submit your questions in advance
  • monthly newsletter with  the replay and other announcements
  • replay will also be posted in a private platform, including links to resources mentioned on the call
  • Bonus: Authentic & Fair Pricing Mini-Course
  • Secret bonus episodes every now and then


* The calls take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 11 am EST

Yes! I want to join & pay what feels good!

How will I feel when I join
the Gentle Business Circle?

I'm glad you're asking...

When you join the Circle you'll feel

  • supported in your mission to share your gifts with the world, but without the hustle
  • inspired and uplifted by the conversations, by the focus on the positive, by the fact that you're not alone, by the joy & ease
  • empowered to market your business with authenticity
  • heard & seen as you get the chance to share your own experiences, in plenum or in break-out rooms
  • excited about the possibility to increase your impact and make a difference
  • nourished by the kindness and empathy of everyone else in the group


Besides very pragmatic business information we also hold space for the Human Connection, the doing & the being ! 

Rather than ‘teaching’, Sarah will be sharing her know-how, point of view, tools, ideas etc. based on 12 years of running an Online Business. And, the idea is also to bring in the know-how of all the members since everyone in the Circle has a unique expertise that can be tapped into.

We create something new and different: a modern leadership model that’s focused on the inclusion of everyone’s unique life & business experience.

Yes! I want to join & pay what feels good!