Are you fed up with hype marketing tactics & looking for a different way to get clients ?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the marketing 'shoulds'?

Then keep reading to find out more about  

 Marketing Like We're Human

A very different kind of marketing program

Is this for you?

Let’s find out.

Do any of these situations describe where you are in business?  

You’re just starting out and are excited to share your gifts with the world. But the minute you think about marketing & having to sell your services you feel anxious. You don’t want to be perceived as pushy & salesy, and yet you’re thinking that’s probably what’s needed to have a successful business. You are looking for a way to get clients that doesn’t feel like you have to sell your soul.

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Or - you’ve been in business for a while, but it still feels like a rollercoaster ride most of the time. You never know whether you’ll get enough clients this month and are just really tired of selling all the time. You are looking for a way to grow your business with integrity & heart.


Or - maybe other people would probably describe you as successful, maybe you’ve hit six-figures. But you feel drained and stuck, like the next level is out of reach… and you’re not even sure if it’s worth reaching. You are looking for a way to serve more people, with more joy & ease.

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No matter which category fits you best, you are looking for a better way, a way to market your business in alignment with your values - and without getting lost in the 'one size fits all' formulas.

Want to find out how much it costs, before you read any further? ;-) CLICK HERE - but then scroll back up, ok?

Common challenges you
might be experiencing: 

… Finding it very hard to sell your services (or products) and asking for what your're worth. (or even knowing your worth)

... Still not being a 100% sure about your ideal client or your niche and feeling stuck because of it.

… Feeling overwhelmed with all the marketing shoulds and not knowing what to focus on.

... Not marketing your business at all because all the techniques you've come across so far feel sleazy, pushy and manipulative. 

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Over the past decade I have watched and experienced myself how people like us
are struggling
with the above situations. 

I made it my mission to support heart-centered entrepreneurs like you and
show you that there is another way to market your business. 

You are in business to share your gifts with the world.

I created this program to be the compass you need on your journey!


... Being Authentically You: You show up as your true self in your marketing, not some prescribed version of who you should be in order to get customers. No more masks!

… Doing Good AND Getting Paid:  You have a thriving business that feels great and makes money.

… Being a recognized expert: Your increased visibility has positioned you as a quiet influencer and you get invited to summits, podcasts and other beautiful collaborations.

… Doing the right thing:  Your integrity is everything. And your clients love you for that and seek you out because they trust you to always tell them the truth.

… Contributing to making this world a better place:  You’re growing a business that financially supports you, helps others, and makes an impact in this world. 


I'm here to say it's possible! 
You don't have to sell your soul to market your business online!


It's time for a Marketing Paradigm Shift!

It’s time to flip traditional marketing on its head !  

It's time to bring the Human(e) Connection back to marketing.

It's time to come alive and market YOUR business YOUR way!  

With confidence, aligned with your values, in honesty and integrity.

Aligned with your strong moral principles.  

And it's time to stop being the best kept secret.

All while falling in love with your marketing!

I know marketing is a MUST for any business to succeed and survive. I have read, watched and participated in various programs in the past yet many seemed to come from fear or scarcity place which didn’t feel in alignment with who I am or what I wanted to present to potential customers. So I was inconsistent in my marketing promoting and messaging. In this program I learned that it's ok to be more myself and that marketing doesn’t need to be a scare tactic to get customers.  

- Nicole Burgess-Women’s Leadership Coach

Who Am I and Why This Program?

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Hi there, I'm Sarah Santacroce.

I founded my first Online Business in 2007 and have grown up in this Online Marketing World.
I have taken countless marketing programs myself and therefore know what’s available to entrepreneurs. The majority of these programs sell a cookie-cutter approach, based on the founder’s success recipe. I have followed the evolution of Online Marketing and I’m sure that the current Marketing Paradigm contributes to an ever increasing level of anxiety on a global level.

In 2018 (yes, it took me a while!!) I came to realize that I no longer wanted to follow everyone else’s model – EVEN IF it worked to some extent. Yes, it helped me hit the famous six figures, but it also left me drained and unfulfilled. I was ready to take the risk and give myself permission to do business and marketing my way – EVEN IF that meant that I’d fail the first few times.


In the past 12 years I have talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and 90% of them mention that marketing makes them anxious. And it’s not only their own marketing activities. It’s also the use of fear, urgency & manipulation in everyone else’s marketing that we are exposed to that make us feel less than and anxious. 

Today I see it as my mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you to be gentle, authentic AND successful in your marketing and business.  And therefore not only create sustainability for yourself, but also contribute to make this world a better place by reducing the global level of anxiety and fear.

And yes, I consider myself successful. I can say that in all humility, because I no longer measure success by the number of LinkedIn connections, views or the number of zeros in my revenue. I measure it in impact and the difference I have made over the years with my one-on-one clients, online courses, The Humane Marketing podcast and more recently with 'Marketing Like We're Human' book.

When I've finally taken off the mask and stopped following all the marketing guru's advice, I found joy and ease! And I fell in love with marketing all over again! And that's what I want for you too! Helping you find those marketing activities that are aligned with your values, with your worldview and your unique Marketing Super Power.

I spent all of 2019 co-creating this program with three beta groups, improving it each time. I listened to what heart-centered entrepreneurs like you wanted and created a different kind of marketing program, one that focuses on the BEING just as much as it does on the DOING. One that's not prescriptive, but helps you find a way to market your business that feels good to YOU!

This is my vision for the future:

  • A world where joy, empathy, and kindness are the currency
  • A world where marketing fosters a sense of belonging, not isolation
  • A world that focuses on the human(e) connection (while using modern technology)
  • A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical marketing are the ones that not only make the biggest impact but also make the most money 

I created this program to support this vision and help you achieve success in your business, however YOU define that! And I'm committed to constantly improving it to make it the best marketing program for heart-centered entrepreneurs. It is my life's mission!

What is the 'Marketing Like We're Human' program?

Get ready for a whole new approach!

It is a virtual training program revealing an unconventional approach to marketing so you can grow a successful business by showing up as your true self. You get real results while enjoying the process.

The 'Marketing Like We're Human' program helps you grow your business with ethical & authentic marketing practices, without using manipulation, six-figure hype & fear to lure people in. With this approach you'll also create a more meaningful life as a conscious marketer – and make the world a better place.

Sarah's program helped me let to go of all the ‘shoulds’ and just focus on the marketing strategies that work for me, the ones I feel comfortable with. I gained clarity on how everything I do in my business is always connected to my purpose and to who I am. I want to work with the people who want to work with Whit to learn and make a real difference in their organizations!  

- Whit Raymond, Executive Coach

Here are some of the techniques you WON'T LEARN
on the 'Marketing Like We're Human' Program:

  • Accepting a LinkedIn invitation and following up with a sales pitch (don't you love getting those?)  

  • Pretending that your recorded webinar is live & welcoming thousands of ghost attendees (I often wondered if these webinar presenters are high on Redbull - so much fake energy :-)  

  • Using deceptive practices like “Only 5 spots let!” when in fact the program is far from being sold out (Oh, don't look at me; yes, I have probably used something very similar in the past!)  

  • Following a script & clearing objections on your Sales Calls & getting the prospect to say yes - even if he has to go into major debt or is not even an ideal fit for you (let's save the cookie cutting for Christmas!)  

  • Selling high-end ticket offers at outrageous prices without bringing massive value (this really upsets me, don't get me started...!)  

  • Using fear, manipulation & negative reinforcement to get people to buy (I'm telling you, there's a better way !)

What's different about this Program?

It's a completely re-modeled version of the 7P’s of Marketing, represented in the form of a Mandala, with YOU in the center so you can market from within. 

This new version is based on honesty, authenticity and integrity

The 'Marketing Like We're Human' Program helps you find out who YOU are and what YOU want in order to attract clients that have the same values and therefore experience more joy in your business

Traditional Marketing

Humane Marketing

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How does it work?

The 'Marketing Like We're Human' program consist of 8 video lessons with me unpacking each section of the Mandala: Passion, Personal Power, People, Product, Pricing, Promotion and Partnership - and Integration.

Some of it is theory, but a lot of it is based on my experience as a sensitive entrepreneur in a tough business & marketing environment. It's important for me to model to you how it feels and what it looks like to show up authentically and connect with your clients this way, the gentle way.

Besides the videos you'll also receive an assignment workbook for each P. This beautiful guide gives you questions, exercises and practices to prompt self-discovery and “a-ha moments” that open the possibilities for your business. A resource page is included for each week’s topic for continued learning. By completing the workbook and taking consistent action, you receive the absolute highest value for your investment in this program.  

Finally, in our safe & private community on Trello you can get your questions answered, crowdsource feedback & interact with other participants. I'm also constantly updating it with the relevant episodes from The Humane Marketing podcast.

Unlike other courses you get immediate access to all the course material. So if you want to, you can dive in and do the whole program in one weekend. 

However, if you prefer to take your time (and that would be my recommendation) you will also receive a weekly email to prompt you to watch the video and work on your weekly assignment workbook.

The workbooks are fantastic! I filled up a notepad with paragraphs of thoughts and ideas. For me, that was more important than I realized - I'm a hugely creative person, so my brain is running all the time. It took Sarah's promptings to pull all my ideas out of the ether and down into something coherent. Midway through the course, I started revamping my marketing content, rewriting my website, and refocusing my business. I now have a lot more confidence about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and the kinds of people I want to work with.

I'm absolutely recommending this course to my friends and colleagues. Sarah's 7-part mandala brings the focus back to what's most important, and what's possible in your business.

Not just the systems, but the heart that makes it all happen. Thanks Sarah!

Dominic De Souza - Marketer, Designer, Storyteller

Here’s what changes when you join
the 'Marketing Like We're Human' Program

When you market from within, you'll get two kinds of results: Business results that can easily be measured (the DOING), and intangible results that have to do with inner fulfillment (the BEING).

Marketing / Business Results

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You attract and enroll higher quality clients who happily spend their hard-earned money with you, knowing they always receive high value for their investment.

You focus in on your ideal client and platform or system of choice to find and communicate with your ideal clients.

You create high value in your product or service making it irresistible to your ideal clients because it speaks their language and reflects their values.

You raise your prices thanks to your newly gained confidence - no more under-earning!

You take the ‘less is more’ approach and stop feeling overwhelmed.

You create a plan to leverage partnerships and collaboration to fuel your business growth!

Inner Fulfillment

You bring More of You to your marketing by using ethical practices that feel good to you and lead to heart-centered client enrollment.

You gain confidence and clarity in yourself to market your business with authenticity and make your own rules.

You set clear boundaries for your time and energy and learn to prioritize what is truly important to you.

You enjoy a business that is inspiring and uplifting and aligned with your truth.

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And if you’re just getting started in business you will:

  • Establish the foundations of your marketing plan through a holistic approach in order to attract your ideal clients.
  • Feel confident about putting yourself out there without fearing judgment of others.  
  • Gain consistency in your marketing & client generation efforts because if you market from within the promotional activity becomes almost effortless.

More feedback from previous participants

'Marketing Like We're Human' with Sarah Santacroce opened my eyes to a new paradigm in marketing. I realized that I spend far too much time avoiding marketing than I do inside of it. As a business owner not being highly focused on marketing and sales is the kiss of death - you simply cannot earn enough money to keep your business going without doing it. When I don’t fully show up inside of my Marketing process I am missing out on the kind of success I know the caliber and quality of my work warrants. Sarah’s course made it clear that now is the time to take my marketing to a whole new level of effectiveness. I gained confidence and a new approach for my communications that I know will bring great success in serving more of the right clients going forward.  

- Leisa Peterson, Abundance Coach  


Even after just two weeks, I am blown away by the quality, effort, thought and overall excellence that has gone into the content (the videos, slides etc), resources, assignments etc.

This program is exactly what I need right now. It’s been a long time since I have felt so excited, and felt so confident as well as hopeful about my path as an entrepreneur, and the importance of being around my own type of people. And I can’t believe how excited I am to do all the assignments and the heavy-lifting! Thank you Sarah!  

- Tanya Raheel, Leadership & Communications Consultant | Coach  


'Marketing Like We're Human'  was incredibly insightful and empowering as it provided me with the tools to not only better understand myself and my business but how to better communicate my values and passion to serve the right community of people. I gained insight into where my business needs more support and the courage to be more authentic, not just when I am working with my clients but in all my communication and marketing.  

- Svava Brooks, Life Coach


'Marketing Like We're Human' couldn't have come at a better time for me. As one of the outcomes of this inspiring journey, a blend of business & meaning, I committed to writing another book with the title "Purpose "Driven Achievement" and asked Sarah to write the foreword ;-)  

- Gary Smith, Performance Consultant & Business Coach 


The 'Marketing Like We're Human'  Program has helped me to gain clarity in “who I am” in my coaching business, as well as helping me to define my focus and passion. 

- Janice Heller, Career Coach


I loved to take part in Sarah's 'Marketing Like We're Human'  Program. The best part is that Sarah combines a truly heart felt and authentic approach to what can be a daunting subject--marketing from the inside out. I felt welcomed and inspired, ready to put more of "me" out there. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful program! I highly recommend it!  

- Jennifer Freeman, Transformation Coach



The quality of the program, as in everything Sarah does, is excellent. The video lessons and the course materials were all thoughtful as well as thought provoking, well planned as well as well executed.  

I feel like I’ve finally found a community of people who are dedicated to a way of marketing that aligns with your values and the belief that being your most authentic self is the path to creating a successful business. Thank you Sarah!

- Sandra Lassiter, Business & Life Coach

Program Outline

Watch the video above where I give you an in-depth overview of the program (19-min ;-)
In the video I still refer to the program as 'The Gentle Marketing Revolution'. The name has changed, but the concept stays the same.

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Module 1: Passion
New Marketing Paradigm, Passion and Definition of Integrity

As a conscious entrepreneur, being of service and making a difference is your driving force. This means that your main objective with marketing is to be of service to others all while running a successful business & making money.

  • Introduction to the New Marketing Paradigm that is based on being of service.
  • You get clarity about your WHY, so you can confidently communicate your passion to the people who you want to serve.
  • We define ‘Integrity’, the overarching theme of this course & commit to always honor our word in marketing.
  • And finally you write down your intention for the coming 8 weeks & beyond.

This module sets the tone for this marketing paradigm shift that you're about to integrate and gives you the confidence and the permission to own your message and share it with the world.

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Module 2: Personal Power
Define Your Unique Super Powers

Your uniqueness only fully comes to life (and to your business) once you have a deep understanding of your unique super powers.

  • We use different personality tests that reveal your natural strengths.
  • You gain confidence in who you are by telling your story, using your unique super powers.
  • You learn to set clear boundaries with your energy so you don't get overwhelmed and can stay focused on the things that really matter to you.
  • You dive deep into your fear of rejection and learn to stay in your own truth.

If you've been struggling to show up authentically or if who your true self has gotten lost over the years, then this module will lead you back to your personal power.

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Module 3: People
Find Your Tribe

You don’t need to be liked by everyone; you just need your tribe. So let’s work on finding out who and where they are. How do they think? What do they wear? Which Youtube channel do they watch? Which books do they read? What language do they use? Do they have the same values as you?

  • We do a thorough analysis of your ideal client, a true consumer psychology exercise. 
  • We go way beyond the 'client avatar' to understand your client's feelings and emotions and why they buy. 
  • We go beyond simple demographics and discover the psychodemographic spending habits of your ideal client.
  • We apply their ‘secret language’ to your communication strategy in order to attract like-minded clients and get sales with ease.
  • And finally you update your About Page, your LinkedIn Profile, your Author Bio and other outlets with your story to showcase your expertise with the new confidence and courage of a gentle leader.

This is not your typical 'Who Is Your Ideal Client' exercise you can find online. We go deep into consumer psychology to create this immediate human connection with your ideal clients - your tribe. Participants have mentioned that this is THE most complete client research they've ever done.

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Module 4: Product
Build a Product or Service Your People Love

This is where we build a product or service that is so good, so compelling, so unique that people simply will want to buy.

  • Together we review your Products & Service descriptions to ensure they align with your ideal client and your values.
  • Update your Sales Pages to reflect your unique personality & super powers.
  • Use language that your ideal clients 'get'.
  • And finally, we create ways to get away from the 'time for money' model and create other income streams to help you grow a sustainable business.

In this module we bring it all together - your WHY, your values, your super powers, your story, your ideal client's values & language - and position your service or product as the go-to solution for your clients’ problems.

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Module 5: Pricing
Money, Financial Integrity and Fair Pricing

We reveal different ways of pricing your services & products following the guidelines of the Humane Business Paradigm, a win-win that is about serving your community while making money. That's Financial Integrity.

  • We see where your thoughts about money and marketing might be influencing your abundance.
  • We take an emotional deep dive into your money story so you can let go of limiting beliefs around money.
  • You give yourself permission to make good money.
  • Learn how different pricing models influence your brand image.
  • With your newly gained confidence, we make a plan to raise your prices: it’s time to stop underselling yourself!

In this module we openly talk about money so that you feel confident and empowered with money and pricing.


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Module 6: Promotion
Communicate With Confidence & Vulnerability

By consciously marketing from the inside out, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless. This is where ‘daring to be different’ with vulnerability and authenticity is so essential.

  • You pick your main platform(s) and be clear about your communication style for your business.
  • I share my tried and true tricks for showing up with confidence on video, webinars and any written communication.
  • You learn to be effective with the 'less is more' approach.

After this module you will be able to pick those marketing & promotion strategies that are aligned with who you are, and create a Holistic Marketing Plan going forward.

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Module 7: Partnership
It takes a village... to build a business

Isolation can leave you feeling anxious, lonely or second-guessing your business moves! As conscious marketers we believe in collaboration and make relationship building a priority in our business and marketing model.

  • We explore the different types of partnerships available to you, where to find them and how to bond with them.
  • We create new partnership habits that not only help you build a successful business but also make you feel more connected and less alone.

This module helps your realize the importance of collaboration and make a plan to build your business by creating powerful partnerships with others.

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I love that the Latin root of the word integrate is integrare, “to make whole.” You are now ready to truly make a difference and reach more people whose lives you want to touch deeply.

No matter where you’re at, you are enough.

You belong.
You can find your tribe.
You can get results and enjoy the process !

Recap of What's Included

  • Access to a beautiful customer hub where you find the video library - 8 video modules, averaging 30 minutes in length each

  • 1 assignment / workbook for each module, averaging 10 pages per module, with lots of self-reflection exercises (and a creative Mandala coloring page)

  • Access to the private Trello* board to ask all your questions

  • Bonuses as detailed below

I found Trello to be the best way to stay in touch with you, with focus and without the overwhelm of another network (i.e. Mighty Network) or the hassle and anxiety (i.e. Facebook group)

My juicy bonuses, as if you weren't convinced already ;-)

  • A 23-Page Planning Guide to help you create a 'Community Growing Challenge' This is a step-by-step Planner to create your own challenge which your ideal clients will love! 
  • My Daily Planner to keep you focused and on track to achieve your goals. I only share this with one-on-one clients otherwise. 
  • AND... I've just added a video that lets you kick back and watch me create a new Freebie / Giveaway / Bonus such as the 'Community Growing Challenge' above within 1 hour or less! I'm not overpromising! Can't say more for now, but it's real and I'll share the resources I use and you can watch me create it in real time - and then do it yourself (because I'll share exactly how).

I knew Sarah would be the kind of guide that understood me and what makes sense for me as a heart-centered introverted entrepreneur. Too many marketing advisors don't get it. Sarah brings wisdom, experience, and heart to it. That's my kind of guide. I saw some of my blindspots about trying to describe my work in a head-centered way instead of more heart-centered and holistic. I'm feeling encouraged to face being a "freak" when I talk in a more real way. For instance, I'm feeling bolder to talk about my interests in social impact. I also am getting to look at new marketing ideas because Sarah knows about so many marketing avenues, and she always talks about them in the context of ethical marketing and I don't want to learn any other way.

- Val Nelson, Business Coach for Introverts

Sound good?

I know this is one of the best marketing programs for quietly rebellious and heart-centered entrepreneurs out there.

  • Because it takes you into account, and helps you grow your business your way!
  • Because this is the only program of its kind, as far as I know, that is focused on marketing your business with ethical practices, without using six-figure hype, manipulative techniques or other sleazy sales strategies.
  • Because it's based on my 12 years of running and marketing an online LinkedIn consulting business, attending countless marketing programs (name me one, I've most likely taken it) and in recent years immersing myself in the world of Personal Development. 
  • Because this is a program that helps you BE more and DO less.
  • Because we are now in the ‘H2H’, human to human age, an era where people are searching for higher meaning and a real authentic connection.
  • Because when you market from within, it's easy to promote your offering authentically and communicate with integrity, kindness and true care.

You wouldn't be reading this far if the cookie-cutter approach was still working for you.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, this program will help you set the foundation to attract like minded clients and then become the person who can reach bigger goals, whatever they are.

If this resonates, then I'd love to have you!


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YES! I'm ready for more joy & attracting clients the gentle way !

Click to start the program for $444

Payment plan available


Why now?

If you've read this far, then your intuition is probably telling you that this feels right.

"If only..." You ever say this to yourself? Or: "I wish I'd done this earlier".

If you've spent a good 30 minutes on this page, watched my video, maybe read Marketing Like We're Human book, listened to The Humane Marketing podcast, then your right brain has made the decision already :-) 

It's up to you now to take action, so that 6 months from now you'll be delighted you did!

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You can choose your future at any time -
why not right now?!

YES! I'm ready to be a Humane Marketer to make a difference AND money using empathy & kindness in my marketing !

Click to start the program for $444

A fair price for what it delivers


Who is this not a good fit for?

No hard feelings, I just want to help you make the right decision and make sure this is money well spent for you. 

Other programs will serve you better if you: 

  • Have a very specific marketing need (Facebook ads, listbuilding, webinars, create a podcast, create an online course etc.). This is a 'big picture' program in which you won't get technical instructions on specific marketing platforms. However, too often entrepreneurs skip the 'big picture' and then end in a vicious cycle of trying to 'do more'. Just sayin' ;-)
  • Resonate with the hustle mentality. This program believes in the 'slower but sustainable' approach. 
  • Don't believe in doing some inner work in order to become the person who can reach bigger goals. This program is a fusion between Personal Development, Marketing & Business :-)



This program goes deep into your story, your upbringing, your values and your worldview. Depending on your story, this might bring up old, unprocessed emotions. It sure did for me and several other participants. Because these risks exist, I advise against signing up if you have a pre-existing mental health condition that may result in undue emotional risk. If you choose to participate, you do so of your own free will and accord, knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks associated with such activities. 

YES, I'm a good fit and ready to get started!

Click to start the program for $444

A fair price for what it delivers


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I have to allocate to this program?

The videos take on average 30 minutes to watch. So yes, you could rush through it in a weekend. But I recommend you take your time. As I mention in the video, you have access to the program for life and some participants from the beta group went through the program more than once. Slow and steady wins the race (actually, there is no race!)

How does an online program work? 

The program is self-directed, so you can go at your own pace. The videos and workbooks are organized in the beautiful private customer hub which you’ll get access to as soon as you sign up. The content is structured around the 7 Ps of Humane Marketing Mandala, which you're probably familiar with by now. Every week, you'll also receive a gentle check-in via email. 

What if I have questions? 

The program comes with a community board on Trello where you can ask questions at any time and I will be in there personally to answer them. 

Will this program be updated regularly?

Yes! 90% of the content is evergreen because it's a 'Big Picture' program, not focused on one specific Social Media platform for example. Nevertheless I will continue to improve the program so it really is and stays THE best marketing program for quietly rebellious heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

What if I don't get the results you promise? Can I have my money back?

Your ultimate success depends on your commitment to the course and your business. I've been very transparent with what you can expect from this program (and did not mention that I'll get you 10 new clients, a 6-figure income or being featured on Oprah :-). However, if for some reason, after joining you realize it's not for you, please contact me and we'll have a human conversation about it. I want your highest good and if that means returning your money because this program is not serving you in the best way, then that's what I'll do. I expect integrity from you and you can expect the same thing from me.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive:

  • Payment and log-in confirmation to access your course material via email
  • Welcome message with a short list of next steps


Yes, I'm making an empowered and informed decision and want to start the program now

Click to start the program for $444

A fair price for what it delivers


P.S. What if just one idea in this program inspires you to create a new service that propels your business to a new level

What if just one strategy helps you sell out your next group program, with creativity and joy? 

What if just one journaling prompt helps you see that you are good enough, that your marketing is good enough and that you can let go of your self-doubt and fear of rejection?What impact will that have on your relationships, your revenues, and your sense of self?  

What if just one technique helps you show up more authentically in your marketing, unleashing your full potential, doing what you love? 


I'd love to be your guide and show you that you can be gentle, authentic AND successful in your marketing and business.

Not quite ready for the 'Marketing Like We're Human' Program?

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Start with the One-Page Marketing Plan that takes you through the 7Ps of Humane Marketing

What you'll get:

  • A powerful map you can use over and over again to plan your marketing campaigns  
  • A how-to process that helps ensure your marketing is best-in-class based on what's most important to your clients  
  • An overview of the 7 Ps of marketing that takes marketing from arduous to joyful !
Click HERE to Get Your One-Page Marketing Plan